Sunday, November 7, 2010

Class 8 truck interior preliminary renderings

Sleeper in bed mode

Sleeper in office mode

These are preliminary renderings of my truck interior that I presented on Thursday. The feedback I received was good, and one critism I did get was that the cab didn't have quite the level of excitement and cohesiveness that the sleeper quarters had. That should be an easy revision though, and we'll see how it ends up in the future. The concept is the table rides on tracks and can drop to the bed position, in which the pad from the rear wall is snapped on top, and the leg bolster pops up, turning a twin bed into a full. The table can also be dropped all the way to the floor, fitting flush with it, for added mobility in the sleeper quarters. There is also space for a flip down upper bunk, or it can be replaced with a storage unit.

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  1. Hi, my name is Jason Crawley. I just recently began driving trucks, and since then have come to the conclusion that class 8 trucks aren't designed by the user. I've spent countless hours behind the wheel and spent just as much time living in the cab. In these many hours I've began to come up with different ideas and concepts. In my research, I've come across your page, and I'm impressed with the direction off your sketches/ renderings. I have an idea that I'm working on and would like to correspond with you. You can reach me via email at