Friday, October 22, 2010

The Last Two Hagie Ads

These were the last two Hagie Ads that ran prior to the unveiling of the STX 10 at the Farm Progress show on August 31st. The first one ran in July's issue, and the last one with the full reveal ran in August's issue. I provided the vehicle renderings just as I had on the first Ad that ran in Farm Journal. Clint Middleton from Hagie's marketing and sales department did the layouts and graphics.

A Friend's Work

Dean Bakker is a friend and a fellow CCS student. The Volvo Air Motion Canyon Carver is a project he worked on while on an internship at Volvo over the summer. It is for the Design Los Angeles design challenge, and I'm told it's the first year Volvo has taken part in the yearly challenge. I'm posting it on here because I think it's pretty damn sweet looking, and an interesting concept. Click on the name of the car above for more information and pictures.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Been Awhile

I was recently scolded by a friend, who shall go nameless (it rhymes with Hike Mink), for not posting anything here in a long time. I came across this light while I was going through stuff for my portfolio and thought it turned out well, and nothings going to ever come of it, so I might as well post it. It was done in Alias last fall, and its of a LED taillight that was already in existence, it was just modeled to go on the Hagie project I was working on at the time.